Using Wallpaper to Decorate Furniture

We have had more and more requests recently for wallpaper designs to be used for decorating pieces of furniture. From drinks cabinets; to bedside tables; chest of drawers; coffee tables; and even a set of stairs using wallpaper is a fun and creative way to add some colourful design to any items that may need a lift. 

Upcycling with wallpaper is a great alternative to painting and makes for great home renovation project.

With so many ornate designs, textures, and vibrant colours to choose from using wallpaper for this craft is ideal, and gives you a unique piece of furniture.

See the final outcome of  Using wallpaper to decorate furniture in the pictures below for some inspiration and ideas. xx

Black Cabinet with colourful bird wallpaper design.

 Exotic Proteal floral pattern in pink

 Floral animal wallpaper with leopard

Floral pattern with exotic protea in pink

Sweet birds on branches on white background.

Stairway with Autumn leaves wall mural

Drinks cabinet with floral and geometric wallpaper design

Please share any images with us if you decide to engage in this renovation idea. This Christmas holiday is the perfect chance to decorate some furniture pieces. 

Look out for our next Blog where we will take you through the steps of How to actually Upcycle a Selected Piece of Furniture. 

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