How to match bed linen with your wallpaper

Your bedroom is your sacred space. The colour and feel of your room are completely personal to you. For you. Whether you want a vibrant colour palette or a neutral, calm room, wallpaper is an amazing addition to your walls to create the look you’ve always wanted.

However, how do you make the look of your bedlinen and your wallpaper come together to look like a cohesive space? It can be tricky, but here are some tips and tricks you can apply to create a well put together room.

Neutral toned wallpaper

Prinka bedlinen collections are made from organic cotton


Neutral tones can look boring or dull (don’t worry, its ok if you prefer that colour pallet, it can also be incredibly stylish and chic). An easy way to enhance the look of your room and your bed is to use textures to create interest. Mix and match shades. Lightweight Bamboo and Cotton, a knitted throw or washed linen all work well together.

When deciding on the shade of your sheets and quilt cover its really important to consider what mood you want to achieve for the room. You may wish to keep your bedding completely white or neutral so the room remains calm. A dark grey is a great way to add a bit of character whilst remaining neutral.

Or, like the picture above, you can create a stunning, personality packed room by picking a statement colour that contrasts with the wallpaper. The focal point will shift from the wallpaper to your bed, so make sure you have great quality bedding. 

You can also see, creating a statement bed with a Bed heads will dramatically change the atmosphere of the room from a calming, relaxed space to one of vibrancy and personality. Here, the blush tone really warms up the room.

Another great way to add dimension to your bed is to layer it up. Fold the quilt cover back to show the sheets. This breaks up the bed more.

Floral wallpaper

 Ayana wallpaper design is a soft green floral wallpaper that is perfect for a bedroom

Credit : Ayana Teal Wallpaper Design

Floral wallpaper can be so beautiful. But, depending on the size of the patterns, it can also make a room feel a bit busy. Best way to style this type of wallpaper is to let the it be the statement and use neutral tones, such as the background colour of the wallpaper as inspiration to style your bed. 

Or, if you’re just not into neutral tones, make sure you pick a colour related to a shade in the wallpaper and of the same intensity. For example, the image above allows the wallpaper to be the champion in the room. The quilt cover is white but the bed accents are the same intense green as the wallpaper. If you’re in love with this wallpaper and other great selections check out the collections here.

The easiest way to make sure you get your colour selection right is by picking one colour in the wall paper and matching it. When there is commonality between the wallpaper and your bedsheets and quilt covers, there is a nice flow and cohesion to the room. Its effortless chic.


Srtriped wallpaper mainly vertical are so elegant and chic 


To create an eclectic feel to your bedroom, try adding a floral or polka dot print quilt cover to your bed. To get this pairing right its important to choose one colour palette that is the thread between the striped wallpaper and your quilt cover and sheets.

Another great way to create cohesion in your bedroom is to use the colour of the stripes to influence your bedding. Choosing a darker or lighter colour than the stripes creates a nice accent. Using a solid coloured quilt cover also can make the stripes feel more dramatic.

Textured wallpaper

 This gorgeous grey and rose gold textured linen type wallpaper with thin vertical lines is the perfect addition to any bedroom wall

Credit: Textured Wallpaper Collection

Textured wallpaper is a great way to add depth, surprise and intrigue to your bedroom. The look can seem subtle depending on the colour scheme you’ve used. That’s why incorporating bright colours or designs in your bedding will help warm up the room and add more character.

Or, like the image above, you can create a sophisticated room by keeping clean lines and using neutral colours for your bedding. Here, the soft grey plays off the wallpaper to create a beautiful, luxurious and calm room.

Bedlinen and wallpaper go hand in hand when you’re trying to create a specific look for your bedroom. While it can be tricky finding the right bedding, especially when you have a colourful, statement wall, using the techniques above will ensure your bedroom looks put together and your bedding and wallpaper a match made in heaven. 

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