When Selecting Wallpaper for Bedrooms Leaves You Confused

A great idea but where to start

We have all had that idea as to how to decorate or brighten up a room. Should I paint, should I leave it blank, or should I try to add some colour and design with wallpaper?  Wallpaper is a great way to cost effectively revamp and brighten up any room, be it for a grown adult, young teenager, toddler or nursery space. When selecting wallpaper for bedrooms there are some thoughts to bear in mind to make this a rewarding task.

But how?!

Dependent on the age and stage in life you may be hoping for the wallpaper to achieve different things. For example, choosing a wallpaper for a nursery can be gender specific, you can get designs in soft hues of dusty pinks and blues, and choose a gentle design to keep your baby calm and cozy for bedtime and keep them happy with something to look at as they drift off to sleep.

This cute pink scallop wallpaper design with sweet little animals playing peek a boo will engage any child!

Credit: Baby Room & Childrens Bedroom Wallpaper

The design you choose for a toddler’s room can be bright and colourful and it can also be educational with the addition of the world’s continents, or animals of the world for example to not only add colour to your little one’s rooms but make this interactive for them too, in their own sanctuary – their bedrooms.

Credit: /collections/childrens-nursery-wallpaper-murals

Appeal and Needs change

As you get older your needs and desires for your bedroom walls evolve, and you may want to take in factors such as the size of your room – do you want to make the room seems bigger or smaller, what existing furniture do you have placed where, and do you need to choose a design or pattern that won’t be blocked by this furniture or look incomplete if partially covered by an item of furniture.

Tips to remember:

  • The bigger the design or pattern the smaller the room will appear. The idea is to keep the wallpaper up on just one wall to create a contrast against the plain walls
  • Horizontal stripes will widen a room and make the ceiling look shorter
  • Vertical stripes add volume and will make the ceiling appear higher
  • Bear in mind the existing style when sourcing wallpaper for bedrooms to ensure the design you choose is complimentary to the style and not creating any clashes with the rest of the décor in the room.
  • Textured designs give a more casual look to a room and hide any walls with imperfections whereas flat wallpaper can make a wall stand out and may have the addition of embellishments such as metallic, gloss, or mica effects
  • For a small bedroom or rental, you can use wallpaper as a feature wall above your bed and then there is no need for a headboard
  • Our wallpapers are eco-friendly and to ensure you keep your sanctuary as eco-friendly as possible. We suggest pairing these designs with eco-friendly, good quality, and stylish linen made from 100% cotton.

 Choosing wallpaper designs and patterns can be a very creative and rewarding project and the best part is seeing a room transform from ordinary to extraordinary in a very short period of time!

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