10 Hassle Free Ways to Remove Wallpaper Explained

Where to Begin

You're ready for a fresh start and have a great new wallpaper design in mind. You're re so excited to install the new pattern on your walls but first you have to get rid of the old wallpaper. Ensuring there is no damage to your walls is very important. Your wallpaper can be a fun DIY challenge without hiring a pro. Read on to see a step by step guide by Fancify Wall Murals to remove wallpaper in 10 easy steps.

Easy to Follow Steps

  1. Prepare the room - place furniture in the centre of the room. Turn the power off. Place drop cloths under the wall surface to keep carpets dry
  2. Get the tools needed:  soapy water, cloth, and ladder
  3. Work with 1 panel at a time
  4. Wipe or spray with soapy water and gently loosen the corner of the first panel
  5. Softly pull down the panel which will come off in one full strip
  6. Step and repeat for all panels
  7. Wipe down your walls with a damp cloth
  8. Do away with wallpaper in your recycling bin
  9. Leave walls to dry and air
  10. Get excited for the installation of your new wallpaper design

    There you have it, 10 stress free ways to take down wallpaper. Follow these steps and let us know if you found this a fun DIY exercise to do yourself. If you liked this article please do comment or share.

    What next?

    The only choice you have to make now is what design you want next. Click Here to view our latest designs.

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